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Web sites do not cost a fortune.

Most web agencies are charging large amounts for web sites, local and small businesses are finding it difficult to cope wth costs. With the current market trend and the quality of products in mind our aim is to offer the most competitive prices and high quality web sites in the market today.

Choosing a new web site is the first step in opening a new opportunity for your customers, Zilabee has expertise in many areas of business analysis, we will recommend the best solution for you which will allow you to make the right decisions and investment.

A new web site is an investment which will make you stand out of the crowd and increase your popularity amongst your competitors. This investment will probably last the life time of your business so now is the time to think about how you want your business to grow. Remember you are not on your own, Zilabee will help you manage everything right up to the stage where your web site is ready to go live.

Choosing a solution for your business?

Choosing the correct solution for your web site depends on many factors such as your business needs, market, industry, budget and the content you wish to present on your web site. If you wish to update your content on a regular basis, which is favoured by search engines then a Content Management System (CMS) would be the likely solution for your business. Once this is established then the next logical step would be to choose an appropriate CMS to suit your busines requirements.

In the web site development market there a number of CMS’s and the choice depends on your budget, reliability and support.

Having discussed CMS’s there are however other solutions such static HTML and now with Microsoft’s emerging market in the web design arena, ASP.NET offers much more flexibility over the future of web 2.0.

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  • Launched a new website for Layla-H, http://www.layla-h.com. Other new clients include Zoe Footwear. Ecommerce has reported a high success. 2010-04-14
  • Ecommerce in the UK emerges with increased sales. More businesses are now choosing Zilabee to sell their products online. 2010-03-07
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